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Rainbow Dyed Pasta Recipe for Bright Colors

Prep Time5 mins
Active Time15 mins
Drying Time45 mins
Keyword: pasta, Rainbow, sensory, toddler
Author: Kendall Guinn
Cost: 10


  • Gallon Ziplock Baggies
  • Drying Rack


  • ¼ cup Alchocol
  • 16 oz. Dry Pasta
  • 8-12 drops Food Coloring Use gel food coloring to get the richest colors


  • Mix pasta, 1/4 cup alcohol, and food coloring in a gallon ziplock baggie. If color has a hard time spreading to all the pasta, add alcohol a tablespoon at a time.
  • Let it sit in baggie for 15 minutes, agitating every 5 minutes to even out color.
  • Lay paper towel on drying rack. Place drying rack over sheet pan to catch drips. Spread pasta on paper towel and allow to dry completely, approximately 30-45 minutes.


If you are hesitant to use alcohol, vinegar can be substituted. Note that alcohol allows you to achieve richer color and half the amount of vinegar should be used to avoid getting pasta soggy.